Tripoli Las Vegas Meeting Minutes

Pres: Curt Beasley, VP: Fred King, Treasurer:Gordon McDaniel, Prefect:Gerald Meux, Membership:Steve Hedland, Secretary: Don Gitersonke

January 19, 2013

New Business: Springfest & Octoberfest were voted a "GO" by Board members. Help is needed for Springfest- Sue Johnson volunteered for Registration, Dave Zaremski for range. Larry Johnson announced that those present were notified of Dues for 2013. Curt Beasley mentioned that $100 is required for BLM to cover both Springfest & Octoberfest. Delamar is set; FAA waiver is good for 5 years. New altitudes are in effect at 12,800 ft waiver and 22,800 windows. If greater than 15,000 ft is expected, we have to also notify Los Angeles. Delmar is 25,000 ft MSL. Members are advised to get their motor orders in, as soon as possible, to MotoJoe at Giant Leap Rocketry so that he can get our order together for pick-up at Springfest. He can be reached at or 303-859-9728. Gerald, Prefect, paid $200 for Tripoli membership and requires reimbursement. He has submitted all paperwork for our club. Gerald also has received the new exams for level 2. The subject of new T-Shirts was brought up and it was decided that Sue will handle these new shirts. Suggestions were made to go back to Henderson and to investigate Cafe Press, an online supplier. It was also suggested that we could order a few of each size for our Spring and Octoberfests, and refer others to Cafe Press (if we go with them). Discussion came up regarding a launch in Cedar City, Utah, in July. This would avoid our intense heat in Las Vegas. Nothing firm was decided. Old Business: New website- This topic is "up in the air". Mark is on the road and Kendall may host the site. It will be further pursued by Larry Johnson. The question came up about Springfest being all research? As it stands, Friday is the research day. Submitted by: Don Gitersonke, Secretary




Tripoli Las Vegas Meeting Minutes

Pres: Curt Beasley, VP: Fred King, Treasurer:Gordon McDaniel, Prefect:Gerald Meux, Membership:Larry Johnson

Date: 09/15/2012

Meeting opened at 12:05

Old Business: Nominations for new officers were accepted as presented at the August meeting; President-Curt Beasley V-President- Fred King Treasurer-Gordon McDaniel Prefect-Gerald Meux Membership-Larry Johnson Secretary-Don Gitersonke Voting was unanimous for all officers

New Business: Octoberfest Launch - Dave Pacheco mentioned that new requirements stipulate that an EMT be available for our launch since there will be a crowd expected and vendors will be there. It was decided from the members that the requirement was that an EMT be reachable if necessary. It was agreed that a phone call could easily reach an EMT. Sue Johnson will contact the local Clark County Fire/EMT office to see if she can get more information. Octoberfest Launch is considered an event that we will proceed with. Dave Pacheco will have posters available for us to print. Sue Johnson will take a poster to Danseys. Don Gitersonke will take posters to Hobbytown and HobbyPeople. The club trailer has a blown tire. Jim Waters will get new tires for the trailer and bring it to the launch in October. Gordon McDaniels will get the 2 Porta-Pottys. October launch fees are $5 for members, $10/day for Non-members, $20/wkend Dues have been agreed upon to be as follows: $30, if paid Jan-June $15, if paid 3rd Qtr $30, if paid 4th Qtr and good for full year 2013

Meeting adjourned 12:50 Submitted by Don Gitersonke, Secretary