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Last update 18 March 2019

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Below is a list of members in good standings with TRIPOLI VEGAS. Please feel free to E-Mail us or visit our listed WebSites. Phone calls taken during reasonable hours. We frown on calls after 9:00 pm. Our members are from all over the U.S. JOIN US!

Membership in Tripoli Vegas is for the calendar year, with dues payable in January. New members joining during the year are pro rated for the remaining portion of the year except for November and December, when partial year dues are waived and payment applied to the next year. Please see the Membership Coordinator for the new member's form and a receipt for your yearly dues. Membership dues to Tripoli Vegas are for the local club only and do not apply to Tripoli National http://www.tripoli.org/

Lifetime memberships are voted upon after a member has performed five years or more of service to the club as a Board Member or Prefect. There is also a singular instance of a member purchasing a lifetime membership in order to fund the initial club startup.

Generally if there is no number in the "Level" column adults over 18 years old are permitted to fly Model Rockets up to, and including, reloadable G size motors. Children may fly model rockets with their parents assistance up to C class motors. There are age limits beyond that. Level 1 can also fly H and I motors. Level 2 can fly up to L motors. Level 3 can fly all motors

Certifications last checked 17 Sept 2018

*Name Tripoli # Level Local Dues Location Phone E-Mail Notes
Beasley, Curt TRA#04694 2 paid 14 Pahrump, NV 702-354-7911 E-mail  
Smith, Greg TRA#11922 2 paid 18 Las Vegas, NV 505-999-7995 E-mail  
Hensley, David TRA#18630 0 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 435-237-1387 E-mail  
Schram, Justin TRA18221 0 paid 18 Las Vegas, NV 858-735-1330 E-mail  
Shelin, Randal TRA#17759 0 paid 18 Henderson, NV 702-594-6767 E-mail rshelin@me.com
Hinton,Jeffrey- Joe TRA#09824 2 paid 19 Boulder, CO 303-859-9728 E-mail NAR77571 Motojoe, INC
Holyoak,Steven TRA#13122 2 paid 19 Overton, NV 702-397-8231 E-mail  
Johnson, Larry TRA#10142 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-452-6994 E-mail  
Johnson, Sue TRA#10677 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-452-6994 E-mail  
King, Fred TRA#12139 3 paid 16 Las Vegas, NV 702-566-8429 E-mail  
Lucido, Bernie TRA#14412 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-362-2303 E-mail NAR 96994sr
Pishko, Mitchell TRA#15711 2 paid 17 Las Vegas, NV 316-239-9814 E-mail  
Dawson, Ed TRA# 11256 3 paid 18 Longmont, CO 303-931-3024 E-mail NAR#82263 Motojoe, INC
Rose, Mark TRA#11717 3 paid 15 Las Vegas, NV 803-840-9462 E-mail  
Schultz, Robert TRA#05116 2 paid 19 Brighton, MI 734-725-0251 E-mail  
Skuba, Jon TRA#11087 3 paid 19 Boulder, CO 303-530-7391 E-mail NAR#75861 Motojoe, INC
Stough, Mike TRA#13828 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702- E-mail  
Dalton, Ian TRA#18327 2 paid 19 Henderson, NV 360-818-4261 E-mail  
Waters,James NAR95316SR 2 paid 15 Pahrump, NV 775-727-6837 E-mail NAR95316
Wellman, Ron TRA#11333 3 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-438-7916 E-mail  
Wellman, Ronda TRA#11334 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-438-7916 E-mail  
Anderson,Cameron TRA#11952 3 paid 19 Fallon, NV 760-267-0543 E-mail  
Zaremski, David TRA#12225 1 paid 19 N Las Vegas, NV 702-361-5589 E-mail  
Zylka. Thad TRA#13214 1 paid 18 Las Vegas, NV 719-330-4184 E-mail  
Derkovitz, Les TRA#00698 3 Lifetime Pioche, NV 775-962-5426 E-mail  
Hedland, Steve TRA#06722 3 Lifetime Henderson, NV 702-566-9228 E-mail  
McDaniel, Gordon TRA#06196 3 Lifetime Las Vegas, NV 702-449-6513 E-mail  
McKinlay, Jerry TRA#01897 3 Lifetime Las Vegas, NV 702-364-5212 E-mail  
Pacheco, Dave TRA#01353 3 Lifetime Las Vegas, NV 702-981-9727 E-mail NAR 82062
Reed, Kendall TRA#09090 x Lifetime Las Vegas, NV 702-782-6299 E-mail  
Rosenfield, Gary TRA#00022 2 Lifetime Cedar City, UT 435-867-9998 E-mail WebSite
Sbare, John TRA#06530 3 Lifetime Las Vegas, NV 702-243-5514 E-mail  
Speraw, Robert TRA#10339 2 paid 17 Las Vegas, NV 702-371-6945 E-mail  
Dixon, William TRA#16852 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-302-6867 E-mail  
Martinez, Robert TRA#16309 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 702-503-5194 E-mail  
Duke, Bryan TRA#16557 2 paid 19 Las Vegas, NV 661-810-1117 E-mail  
Theis, Adam TRA#15021 2 paid 18 Las Vegas, NV 480-543-9802 E-mail  
Olson, Thomas TRA#01415 2 paid 19 LaVerkin, UT 760-443-9531 E-mail NAR54140SR
Harden, Patrick TRA#13818 3 paid 19 Fallon, NV 757-572-6490 E-mail  
Jungquist, Russ TRA# 10742 2 paid 19 Kingman, AZ 928-727-0955 E-mail  
Southwick, Larry TRA# 2 paid 19 Kingman, AZ 928-727-0955 E-mail  
Pifke, Dave TRA# 17117 0 paid 17 Las Vegas, NV 415-902-8317 E-mail