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Big and Small, We launch them all!!!

Photo by Nadine

Tripoli Vegas, Prefecture #24

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Thank-you to everyone who braved the weather and still flew at Delamar on Memorial Day Week-end! Congrats goes to Gordon & Cameron on getting their Level III certification.


Club Membership for 2019 is $30.00 they are now due!

To keep current on who is going to the launch or if we get rained out please join our user group.

Please come early! It gets hot by noon now!



Normal Flying 0-7500 feet MSL_= 4700 above ground level

Call in windows should be available to 15,200 ft. AGL but will be dependent on Tracon. We are working with Tracon to have minimum impact on flying. We won't get clearance if strong winds from the North changes the landing pattern. When we do get a window we need to be ready and use it then release it back to 4700 AGL

Night flying 0-4700 ft AGL Above ground level



Bring pre filled out Flight cards, click here


Spectators are free

20 March 2018


Due to new BLM regulations all fires must be in above ground containers. All ashes from fires & trash must be picked up before you leave. Please be courteous and go slow around camp in cars, trucks and ATV'S. Be kind to other camps Don't dust them out and watch your speed on the lake bed. Thank -you

20 March 2018


"The TRA Board of Directors are pleased to announce that NAR member are now able to fly commercial motors at Tripoli Research Launches. NAR members may fly commercial motors at a Tripoli Research Launch as long as the flight is within the fliers certification level and conforms to the NAR safety code."

20 March 2018


To keep current on who is going to the launch and if we get rained out please join our user group at


Are held on the Day of the launch at the Jean Launch site, Visitors are more than welcome to attend.  Notes will be posted in the meeting tab

LAUNCH Schedule 

Picture of Jean launch site from 36,089 feet