Below is a list of club leaders. Feel free to contact us during reasonable hours. We frown on calls after 9:00 pm Vegas time. You can also reach us via email, listed below. If anyone wants to do a certication flight please contact the prefect. You will need paperwork and order a motor for the level you want to be certified on.

Leadership List

President TBD


Vice President   TBD E-Mail
Secretary Sue Johnson (702) 468-0755 E-Mail

Bernie Lucido

(702) 610-7035 E-Mail
Membership Larry Johnson (702) 917-3389 E-Mail
Treasurer Gordon McDaniel (702) 449-6513 E-Mail
Tripoli TAP Pat Harden E-Mail
Tripoli TAP  Les Derkovitz (775) 962-5426 E-Mail
Tripoli TAP John     Sbare    Retired from TAP E-Mail
Tripoli TAP    Pat      Artis (970) 731-3273 E-Mail
Webmasters Larry Johnson (702) 452-6994 E-Mail