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Big and Small, We've launched them all!
Flying Rockets for 35 Years
1989 - 2024
Photo by Nadine

Tripoli Vegas, Prefecture #24

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35-year commemorative t-shirt design challenge.

We want to have t-shirts made commemorating our 35 years of flying rockets. Submit your proposed design via our group email list, perhaps including a new logo design.

Some submissions so far

Launch Information

The next launch is on May 24 through May 27 at Delamar Dry Lake bed outside of Alamo, NV.

The great thing about the Delamar dry lake bed is that it is about an 90 minute drive North of Las Vegas at the speed limit. If you're like us, and you are tired of the bright lights and big city, camp out on the lake bed to enjoy a spectacular view of the stars at night.

Be aware that this is desert camping and you need to bring in all the items needed to be in the desert like food, water, sunscreen, shade, hats, and chairs, Not to mention your rockets and supplies.

Delamar is less than 50 miles from the famous Area 51. The story is that the secret aircraft from Area 51 have moved elsewhere. But if you are real lucky, you might spot a new Stealth or Aurora or something unknown shooting by overhead.

The FAA has approved a launch waiver to 50,000 feet AGL for the Delamar launch.


Weekend Launch Fees:
Non-members: $35.00 flat rate
Members: $30.00 flat rate
Spectators: Free
Camping: is Permitted

The TRA Board of Directors are pleased to announce that NAR members are now able to fly commercial motors at Tripoli Research Launches. NAR members may fly commercial motors at a Tripoli Research Launch as long as the flight is within the fliers certification level and conforms to the NAR safety code.

Membership fees for 2024

Membership annual renewal dues ($30) for 2024 are due in January 2024. Only new members joining in November or December get their dues extended to the following year. Keeping dues current aids in the balancing of the books in support of overhead throughout the year. We can now accept payments using Zelle.

To keep current on the status of our launches you can join our Tripoli Vegas Group Email list.

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Facebook is our "DropBox" for flight pictures!


NOTICE: The next club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 7:00 p.m.. The location is at Kendall's office (6500 Boulder Ranch, Suite 100).

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