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Tripoli Vegas, Prefecture #24

News Flash Box

Our annual high altitude launch at Delamar Dry Lake bed outside of Alamo, NV. is May 26-28, 2023. Waiver to 50,000 ft. AGL.

NOTE: Potluck Saturday night, May 27, at 6:00 p.m.

The great thing about the Delamar dry lake bed is that it is about an 90 minute drive North of Las Vegas at the speed limit. If you're like us, and you are tired of the bright lights and big city, camp out on the lake bed to enjoy a spectacular view of the stars at night.

Be aware that this is desert camping and you need to bring in all the items needed to be in the desert like food, water, sunscreen, shade, hats, and chairs, Not to mention your rockets and supplies.

Delamar is less than 50 miles from the famous Area 51. The story is that the secret aircraft from Area 51 have moved elsewhere. But if you are real lucky, you might spot a new Stealth or Aurora or something unknown shooting by overhead.

The FAA has approved a launch waiver to 50,000 feet AGL for the Delamar launch.

Launch Fees: Flat Rate
Non-members: $30.00
Members: $20.00
Spectators: Free
Camping: is Permitted
(no fires on the lakebed)
(Grills or burn barrels are OK)

Due to BLM regulations all fires must be in above ground containers. All ashes from fires & trash must be picked up before you leave. Please be courteous and go slow around camp in cars, trucks and ATV'S. Be kind to other camps. Don't dust them out and watch your speed on the lake bed. Thank-you!

The TRA Board of Directors are pleased to announce that NAR members are now able to fly commercial motors at Tripoli Research Launches. NAR members may fly commercial motors at a Tripoli Research Launch as long as the flight is within the fliers certification level and conforms to the NAR safety code.

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