Tripoli Vegas

Club Membership for 2021 is $30.00. They're due in January!

Membership & Renewal Forms

Membership in Tripoli Vegas is for the calendar year, with dues payable in January. New members joining during the year are pro rated for the remaining portion of the year except for November and December, when partial year dues are waived and payment applied to the next year. Please see the Membership Coordinator for the new member's form and a receipt for your yearly dues. Membership dues to Tripoli Vegas are for the local club only and do not apply to Tripoli National

Lifetime memberships are voted upon after a member has performed five years or more of service to the club as a Board Member or Prefect. There is also a singular instance of a member purchasing a lifetime membership in order to fund the initial club startup.

Generally, if there is no number in the "Level" column adults over 18 years old are permitted to fly Model Rockets up to, and including, reloadable G size motors. Children may fly model rockets with their parents assistance up to C class motors. There are age limits beyond that. Level 1 can also fly H and I motors. Level 2 can fly up to L motors. Level 3 can fly all motors.

Tripoli Vegas Members

Name TRA # Level Local Dues Location Phone E-Mail NAR # Notes
Anderson, Bret199392paid 20Las Vegas000000
Anderson, Cameron119523paid 19Fallon000000
Anderson, Estee199402paid 20Las Vegas000000
Chipman, Mike20105paid 21Las Vegas000000
Dalton, Ian183272paid 21Henderson360-818-4261E-mail000000
Dawson, Ed112563paid 21Longmont082263Motojoe, Inc.
Derkovitz, Les006983LifetimePioche000000
Dixon, William168522paid 21Las Vegas000000
Dow, Gary W000002paid 21Greensburg084567
Duke, Bryan165572paid 19Las Vegas000000
Fausto, Tony000003paid 20Ogden106483
Graham, Roger19272paid 20Bullhead City000000
Harden, Patrick138183paid 21Fallon757-572-6490E-mail000000L3 TAP
Hedland, Steve067222LifetimeHenderson000000
Hensley, David186301paid 19Las Vegas000000
Hinton, Jeffrey-Joe098242paid 21Boulder077571Motojoe, Inc. motojoe4glr
Holyoak, Steven131222paid 21Overton000000
Iitsuka, Carlos000002paid 21Seal Beach109994
Jacobson, William N20580paid 21Handerson000000
Johnson, Larry101422paid 20Las Vegas702-917-3389000000
Johnson, Sue106772paid 20Las Vegas702-468-0755E-mail000000
Jungquist, Russ107422paid 19Kingman000000
Lucido, Bernie144122paid 20Las Vegas096994
Martinez, Robert163092paid 19Las Vegas000000
Matteson, Seth20581paid 21Las Vegas000000
McDaniel, Gordon061963LifetimeLas Vegas702-449-6513E-mail000000
McKinlay, Jerry018973LifetimeLas Vegas000000
Miller, Craig199612paid 21Cedar City000000
Miller, Ron00000paid 21000000
Olson, Thomas014152paid 21La Verkin760-443-9531E-mail054140
Pacheco, Dave013533LifetimeLas Vegas082062
Pearson, Steve162171paid 20Lake Havasu000000
Peters, James10769paid 20Ogden000000
Reed, Kendall090901LifetimeLas Vegas702-782-6299E-mail000000
Rosenfield, Gary000222LifetimeCedar City000000
Sbare, John065303LifetimeLas Vegas000000
Schram, Justin182211paid 21Las Vegas000000
Schultz, Robert051162paid 21Brighton000000
Seth, Matteson20581paid 21LAS VEGAS000000
Simpson, Roy00684paid 22Pahrump000000
Skinner, Roger031191paid 21Henderson000000
Skuba, Jon110873paid 21Boulder075861Motojoe, Inc.
Smith, Greg119222paid 20Las Vegas000000
Southwick, Larry108842paid 19Kingman000000
Speraw, Robert A.10339paid 21Las Vegas000000
Stephan, Skylar00000paid 21Henderson000000
Stough, Mike138282paid 19Las Vegas000000
Tepatti, David18781paid 20Las Vegas000000
Theis, Adam150212paid 18Las Vegas000000
Waters, James122391paid 20Pahrump095316
Wellman, Ron113333paid 20Las Vegas000000
Wellman, Ronda113342paid 20Las Vegas000000
Zaremski, David122251paid 20N Las Vegas000000
Zylka, Thad132141paid 18Las Vegas000000

Tripoli Vegas